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  • Cruising, sex and drugs in Amsterdam

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    The top us taboos are minichat dating site less of a legal problem right here

    Historically this might be a society that is live-and-let-live you won’t find police roughing up dudes within the cruising spots; in reality, one neighborhood park, De Oeverlanden, really has signs supplied by the town, pointing towards the cruisiest area.

    Sex, that big united states taboo, is less of the legal issue right right here, with concert events, and loads of busy backrooms and frequently planned nude party evenings. Sex-work is legal and regulated, but also for wellness reasons as opposed to ethical issues. Big circuit parties frequently roll into town throughout every season, but particularly through the holidays that are gay and for leather events in the autumn.

    Hash and cooking cooking pot smokers over 18 may nevertheless take pleasure in the freedom to get and illuminate at certainly one of about 200 Amsterdam coffeeshops. The Amsterdam’s City Council, through an understanding with all the coffeeshop union Bond van Cannabis Detaillisten (BCD), permits coffee stores to use with licences, shown by the display of an official, green and white sticker in the screen. Magic mushrooms had been prohibited in 2012, however the milder “Truffles” (aka “philosopher’s stones”) have since been sold at “smart stores.”

    Near Centraal facility, where Warmoesstraat fulfills the Zeedijk, the picturesque homosexual bars on slim roads regarding the canals draw mixed but primarily male crowds, through the maturely sophisticated into the young and artsy. The Cuckoos Nest, the Web, and Boys Club 21 offer more erotic relaxation across the Damrak, around Nieuwezijds Kolk. Sauna Nieuwezijds is an addition that is recent the area. Near Leidseplein, Club Church, Spijker and Bronx Video make their stretch of Kerkstraat sexy, and Thermos, certainly one of Europe’s best saunas, is not a long way away.

    For fabric and intercourse pubs, check the Warmoesstraat out where you’ll discover the flagships of this famous fabric shops, Mister B and Rob, along with men’s leather and cruise bars Dirty Dicks, therefore the Eagle, maintaining testosterone levels high. The bar/restaurant Getto, plus other coffeeshops, take-outs and porn stores fill in the areas in the middle.


    Dirty Dicks: original “sleaze pit” men’s club, famous last Thursdays Golden Shower events, very first Sunday fisting, 2nd Sundays nude.

    Eagle Amsterdam: men-only cruise bar reborn, fresh power, 1485 building, leather-based, rubber, uniform, skinhead, recreations gown code nights, 3 floors, lounge, party flooring, DJ music, dark basement, smokers’ lounge, open ‘til 4 or 5am.

    Cuckoo’s Nest: men’s bar, fully prepared SM play cellar, videos, cabins, busy all the time, worldwide audience, friendly staff.

    Online: venerable leather-based men’s club, roof garden, ‘not too dark’ darkroom, prior to when many places cruising, popular Sunday.

    Club Church: men’s cruise club with smoker’s lounge, personal cabins, slings, douches, and showers. Nightly theme evenings include naked, underwear, leather, rubber, bears, piss, and SM; unique parties that are fetish occasions over summer and winter.

    Spijker: mostly guys homosexual bar, alcohol busts, big-jackpot bingo, pool table, backroom playspace and darkroom, porn and cartoons.


    Sauna Damrak 54 : earliest men-only sauna in Amsterdam, two Finnish dry saunas, steam-bath, whirlpool, roof-terrace, unwind area (no cabins), club, private sauna center, massage-services. “Straight, homosexual or none that is bi-sexual… of company.”

    Sauna Nieuwezijds: brand brand new sauna that is gay Central facility, through the Club Church guys; lounge/bar, Jacuzzi, Turkish shower, Finnish sauna, personal cabins, smoker’s lounge, therapeutic massage. Start 365 days/year.

    Thermos Sauna: five- level steam/sauna complex, free cabins, children’s pool, whirlpool, recreations area, club and lounge, hot spa, theater, roof terrace sunlight deck, shop and restaurant with supper nightly. Great afternoon crowd sunday. Monthly Wild & Wet foam events.

    In Arnhem, a brief train trip from Amsterdam, Steamworks is well known because of their month-to-month foam events.

    Into the town of Enschede, by the border that is german ‘t Bolke is just a homosexual sauna and cafe/disco complex to look at.

    Intercourse areas

    Club Church: all sorts of erotic activities, including Ladz fetish events, plus nude parties, sneaker and sports fetish and much more.

    Same destination: erotic bar, available to all, regardless of sex or intimate choices. Monday night men-only intercourse parties 8pm-1am.


    Prostitution is regulated and legal in Amsterdam. A few websites provide the companionship of appealing men that are young.

    Men Club 21: bar/ home of guys, handsome, sensual dudes, prepared and prepared, casual meetings at bar/lounge, Wednesday and week-end strip shows, four full-amenity theme spaces upstairs. Rates set by the house. Additionally online escort solutions, pictures.

    Michael’s Boys: 18-38 year-old international escorts to reach your hotel or your house; pictures online.

    Individuals Escorts: ages 18+ male escorts, “any destination, any moment, anywhere.” Interactive Digital Assistant for e-mail and sms hook-ups with self-employed dudes.

    Cruising spots

    Nieuwe Meer (Anton Schleperspad) night and day, could be dirty, often draws bashers that are gay.

    Vondelpark (near Leidseplein) night and day, during the flower yard in the exact middle of the park.

    Oosterpark (by Tropenmuseum) cruisy after sunset, park gets extremely dark, favored by neighborhood Arab guys.

    Leather shopping

    Some sort of center for leather-based clothes and gear, Amsterdam has top-notch stores and solutions. Look first towards the heart of this fabric scene underneath the flags that are black-and-blue Warmoesstraat.

    Ebony Body (Kerkstraat 173), selections from plastic socks to human body bags, good rates on jeans, chaps, tops, vests.

    Mister B (Warmoesstraat 89), house shop of worldwide leather/fetish manufacturer product line, fine leather/rubber clothes, shoes, add-ons, fetish mags, toys, piercing, tattooing, and artworks.

    Mister B (Van der Madeweg 5b), such as the store, however for traders, store owners and internet stores.

    Rob Leathers (Warmoesstraat 71), one other leather that is famous flagship shop, custom-made leather/ fetish things and add-ons.

    Intercourse stores

    Amsterdam is really a center for gay intercourse shops and cinemas with wide alternatives, on-site tests, cruising and DVD rentals.

    Adonis Cinema: big collection of adult gay mags, video clip tests, cabins, dark spaces.

    Bronx Video and Bookshop/Cinema: homosexual erotic mags, books, DVD sales/rentals, video clip cabins, internet.

    Drake’s: intercourse store publications and videos, toys, SMB accessories, peep booths, glory holes, rainbow products.

    Le Salon: gay/straight/bi porn cinema near Central Station, plenty to learn watching, peep stands, glory holes.

    Events Guide and Activities Guide for the most up-to-date travel information on gay Amsterdam, see our City Guide, Listings Guide.

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