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  • Numerous users perform clean install or reinstall of Windows 10 once in per year to repair dilemmas and restore the speed.

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    How Exactly To Select Pro Edition While Installing Windows 10

    To greatly help users easily download ISO images of Windows 10, a official t l called Media Creation T l can be acquired from the time the release of Windows 10, plus the ISO which you download using Media Creation T l now includes November modify.

    The Windows 10 Pro edition while the procedure to download Windows 10 ISO using the Media Creation t l is straight-forward, many users who have used the Media Creation T l have been complaining that there is no option to download.

    That is, the display screen where you stand asked to ch se the edition of Windows 10 that you want to download doesn’t list the Windows 10 professional version. Record shows just Windows 10 and Windows 10 N editions, and there’s no reference to Windows 10 professional.

    Well, the truth is that the Windows 10 ISO that you install utilizing Media Creation T l includes both the house as well as Pro editions, meaning Microsoft is no longer offering separate ISOs for Home and professional editions.

    It, the setup of Windows 10 automatically checks your BIOS/UEFI for embedded product key (if available), and installs the right version based on its findings when you create a b table USB of Windows 10 using the ISO and attempt to install Windows 10 from. So when you’re setting up Windows 10 on a brand new PC or A pc with no embedded product key, it displays the prompt requesting to pick the version of Windows 10 that you want to put in.

    In simple words, for example, you run the setup of Windows 10, it automatically installs the Home edition without allowing you to select the edition of Windows 10 if you had previously activated Windows 10 Home edition on a computer, when.

    If you prefer start to see the version selection screen while setting up Windows 10 on a PC which include the product type in the BIOS, you’ll want to modify the ISO file to incorporate ei.cfg file or add ei.cfg file the b table USB.

    Follow the directions in Method 1 to what is bumble incorporate file that is ei.cfg the b table USB and follow Method 2 to incorporate the ei.cfg file in the b table ISO of Windows 10.

    Method 1 of 2

    Add ei.cfg to the edition selection display

    Step 1 Make the b table USB of Windows 10, either using Rufus, Media Creation T l, or virtually any pc software. To create equivalent utilizing Command Prompt, please reference our just how to install Windows 10 from the USB guide.

    Step two Once the USB that is b table of 10 is prepared, open This PC, double-click in the USB drive icon to open up similar.

    Step 3 start up Sources folder, download ei.cfg ZIP file by clicking here, extract the ZIP file to get ei.cfg file, and place it within the Sources folder.

    NOTE you are able to start the downloaded ei.cfg file with Notepad to see what it provides. The following is just a picture of the exact same.

    That’s all. You can now b t through the USB drive to understand version selection screen, as shown below.

    Method 2 of 2

    Add ei.cfg file to Windows that is b table 10

    If you want to reinstall or perform clean install of Windows 10 from an ISO image file instead of a b table USB/DVD, you can do so by following step-by-step instructions given below.

    Step 1 We have to draw out the articles associated with the ISO file towards the newly produced Install Files making use of 7-Zip (free), WinRAR, or some other t l. We have been utilising the free 7-Zip in this guide.

    Step two see a folder containing Windows 10 ISO image, right-click on it, click 7-Zip, click Extract files, decide on a location with at the least 5 GB of disk space. Once you draw out the file, 7-Zip will generate a fresh folder and will name it after your ISO file name.

    7-Zip might take a short while to perform the removal task. When done, check out the step that is next.

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