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    by Keith Cousins and Elizabeth Naismith Picciani , Columbia Journalism Investigations

    Columbia Journalism Investigations and ProPublica analyzed significantly more than 150 incidents of intimate attack involving dating apps, culled from 10 years of news reports, civil legal actions and criminal history records. Read our findings.

    We’re perhaps perhaps not done digging. Now we are in need of YOUR tale.

    Are you suffering from intimate physical violence after making use of Match, OKCupid, Tinder or other dating app? Even although you didn’t report it, please fill our survey out.

    Concerns? Contact our reporters at: email protected .

    We truly need as much tales from dating app users as you are able to. Share this together with your family and friends.

    • Your details shall never be posted without your authorization.
    • The study will just just just take about seven minutes.
    • You’ll elect to enable a reporter to get hold of you.

    when you yourself have been suffering from intimate attack and would really like private assistance and help, please phone the nationwide Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-4673 to speak with a tuned staff user from the nearby team that can help victims of intimate attack.

    Keith Cousins can be a reporter that is investigative for Columbia Journalism Investigations. E-mail him at email protected and follow him on Twitter @KeithJCousins.

    Elizabeth Naismith Picciani is a reporter that is investigative Columbia Journalism Investigations. Email her at email protected and follow her on Twitter @ElizabethPicc.

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