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  • Quicken Loans Rate Drop Advantage Review. Quicken Loans Rates vs. Citibank Mortgage prices vs. PNC Mortgage Rates | Detailed Comparison & Reviews

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    PNC Bank Refinance Speed

    As you are able to plainly inform, the Quicken Loans refinance rates are somewhat less than that of Citibank loans for refinancing. Overall, the PNC home loan prices for refinancing are available less than both the Quicken Loans rates and Citibank home loan prices, which makes it the clear champion for this category.

    The PNC home loan prices for refinancing match the Quicken Loans rates for the 30-year mortgage that is fixed-rate are somewhat low in any other category. In terms of adjustable-rate mortgages and refinancing, its 5/1 ARM possesses significant savings on the Citibank home loan prices (0.375 percent huge difference).

    The drawback to the contrast had been our failure to recoup the 15-year fixed-rate Quicken Loans prices. Nevertheless, according to most of our other information, we are able to assume that the Quicken Loans prices tend very comparable to those made available from Citibank home loan prices. The difference between the Citibank home loan prices and PNC home loan prices in this category had been small yet still significant, with Citibank home loan rates being higher just by 0.125 per cent.

    Overall Contrast

    So as to make the contrast involving the three loan providers simpler to see, we’ve put together the info from all three into this side-by-side comparison. Take a good look at the way the rates compare whenever you can observe them all within one spot:

    Mortgage Kind


    Quicken Loans Mortgage Prices

    Citibank Mortgage Prices

    PNC Mortgage Prices

    Obviously, the Quicken Loans rates and Citibank home loan prices could be right consistent with the other person when it comes down to mortgages that are fixed-rate. Amongst the two loan providers, you’re more likely to receive nearly identical prices whenever you input the exact same information about your own personal financial predicament.

    PNC home loan rates still beat both organizations with regards to mortgages that are fixed-rate. Both which were 0.25 percent lower than the Citibank mortgage prices on its adjustable-rate mortgages, it is an also tie aided by the Quicken Loans rates.

    With regards to refinancing, it would appear that the PNC mortgage rates were the best. Also minus the addition regarding the 15-year refinancing that is fixed-rate the Quicken Loans rates, it would appear that the PNC home loan prices for refinancing had been add up to or lower than both Quicken Loans rates and Citibank home loan rates in just about every category.

    The verdict is with in. If you’re re searching for a home loan company in line with the prices alone, we might need certainly to state that the information implies that PNC home loan prices are usually the best among these three businesses.


    Purchasing a unique house and taking right out a home loan is a long-lasting dedication to a lender that is particular. You intend to make sure so it makes sense that you want to compare them side by side that you’re receiving the best possible rates.

    The Quicken Loans rates, PNC home loan prices, and Citibank home loan prices all also come in fairly close one to the other, but, overall, we would deem PNC home loan rates due to the fact winner.

    Nevertheless, there’s more to a home loan than simply the interest prices. Make certain that you have a very good conversation with any lender that you will be interested in funding through.

    You need to additionally be sure that you will be content with its consumer knowledge and service for the home loan process. In the end, you’ll be with this particular loan provider for up to thirty years.

    AdvisoryHQ desires one to have the ability to produce a smart and sound decision that is financial it comes down to your home loan. We hope that this thorough comparison of Quicken Loans rates, PNC mortgage rates, and Citibank mortgage prices will help you to do exactly that.

    AdvisoryHQ (AHQ) Disclaimer:

    Reasonable efforts happen produced by AdvisoryHQ to provide accurate information, nonetheless all information is presented without guarantee. Review AdvisoryHQ’s Terms for details. Additionally review each firm’s site for the many updated data, rates and info.

    Note: organizations and items, such as the s that are one( evaluated above, might be AdvisoryHQ’s affiliates. Simply Click to see AdvisoryHQ’s advertiser disclosures.

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