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  • Research study: the way I achieve massive epcs and roi with adult cpa that is dating provides

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    Hey, Kostas here…

    I wish to share with you an incident study as to how We promote Adult Dating CPA provides.

    My aim is provide you with a little bit of inspiration to get going in this -considered by many- niche that is taboo.

    But taboo or otherwise not, this is actually the niche that is best for anybody to begin with CPA internet marketing.

    The reason being it allows every person with a few foundational familiarity with affiliate marketing plus some key methods to go…

    …From THIS to… THIS… {in just a few a few months!

    Therefore, have you been sitting easily?

    Not long ago, I happened to be trying to diversify my internet sites by incorporating another earnings flow.

    I’m no body unique. But I’ve been smart adequate to make a full-time separate living online

    I’ve done a few things right (and a great deal incorrect).

    I’ve seen a lot that is whole of good, the bad, in addition to unsightly.

    The development of ten years plus online…

    (…And have always been not getting any younger!)

    Anyhow, I’d been thinking getting involved in the CPA internet marketing scene for a few years.

    However for some good reason, I’ve never gotten into it much.

    We knew the basic principles.

    The the inner workings but had hardly ever really trained with an attempt.

    Then when I began getting involved with it a little more seriously, i stumbled upon helpful tips from Darnel Rafela (DEADZ) on utilizing Instagram with CPA provides.

    We instantly felt that a) this person understands his material.

    And b) He resonates with my attitude and philosophy in terms of money that is making.

    Fast forward somewhat later on, we reached off to him and I also joined up with their media that are private lab.

    We started following one of his true exceptional guides on promoting e-commerce “Cash-On-Delivery” offers and very early I happened to be in a position to show results.

    Immediately after that, we began playing into the adult scene plus in particular with adult Lead Gen provides.

    Once again we adopted Darnel’s exemplary suggestions about advertising adult vertical provides.

    But being the interested spirit, we soon started incorporating my own methods together with their advice.

    My very own form of advertising if you want.

    As a result of my IM back ground, i usually have a tendency to build my personal mailing lists. We strongly think that getting your very very own traffic is considered the most asset that is important this video game.

    And I also thought the Adult prospecting offers (also referred to as expense Per Lead) could be great to help make some money that is easy and to utilize as a bootstrapping platform to construct my personal assets.

    Thus I began advertising an adult that is few and at the same time frame began building my very very first traffic supply (in cases like this mailing lists).

    Check out early results…

    And right right here’s a video clip I created for my friend that is good Darnel “DEADZ”, to exhibit him some actually very early outcomes in what I’d been taking care of and just how we develop the material he shows further.

    (Note: This video clip had not been said to be general public. I don’t seem like a gangsta IRL. It had been on function making a little bit of fun with my pal)

    To accomplish all that even better, we felt that I necessary to build more of personal cash assets when I call them.

    Therefore I started initially to also build and make use of my personal Landing Pages.

    And below are a few screenshots showing the things I was doing…

    Below is just one of the Landing/Squeeze pages I utilized that got me personally $1.67 EPC on a grown-up lead gen offer!

    And here’s a screenshot of this e-mail host I setup to collect those e-mail leads and build my first own traffic supply.( You can’t make use of autoresponders that are commercial Aweber or Get reaction for adult type traffic)…

    As soon as we saw the possibility with building my very own e-mail traffic, we began using this find sugar daddy NM traffic building way of the level that is next.

    We literally went into “traffic building beast mode”

    …And wanted to build and monetize every list i can!

    The like top of creating mailing lists as my traffic source that is own…

    We began Push that is building Notification because well (yet another traffic supply I’d own)…

    Facebook Pixel Lists (third traffic supply I possess)…

    Bing Remarketing Pixel Lists (4th traffic supply I have)…

    Also traffic that didn’t try using my website landing page “bait”, I became monetizing it giving them to Smart Link provides via exit pops.

    And check out stats from that …

    Plus some conversions …

    As you’re able to imagine, quickly my combined traffic sources building approach began to have compounding impact.

    And I also started getting times like this…

    And also this…

    And also this too…

    And pretty soon…

    That attack that is multi-combo of my very own traffic & methods worked like gangbusters!

    Last but most certainly not least, In addition made a video research study walk through in the above.

    For the reason that training We look at the thing I did and just why along with exactly what traffic and supply types this new technique works best.

    I base that video research study on promoting Adult Dating CPA provides and getting stats like these:

    • 28% Conversions
    • $1.67 EPC
    • $300+/Day revenues

    You can Get/Watch The Case Study Training Video I did, Here if you’d like to get a bit more context on the “Omnifarious Method” used.

    P.S (You can constantly thank me personally with a few coffee?)…

    Kostas “The Omnifarious Advertiser” Papadakis

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