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  • that has been HELLACIOUS and I also didnt also watch it – simply saw the 2 actors – one demonstrably a advanced career girl – one other a teenage doofus with musical skill

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    We bet for this reason , the Korean audience that is domestic the subsequent airing of Temptation featuring Winter SOnata plus some clearly less careworn younger male lead – I think Korean audiences couldnt just just simply take anymore bullshi.

    yeah, and that’s why everyone else hates the Taeyeon-Beakhyun relationship

    Pleased to see them reconciled

    Folks are often interested in those that have similar facial features and their relationships tend to stay longer. Mark my words … Bosco n Myolie are certain to get straight right back together.

    “People who possess comparable facial features and their relationship have a tendency to final longer”. Yup, I quite decided on this. We have the exact same feeling for Boscolie too.

    Celin, don’t you think it is the right time to stop living and believing vicariously through superstitions. You will find therefore numerous partners whom look so similar in facial features and yet their marriages or relationships never final long.

    Trini, i do believe your remark is indirectly replying to my post so allow me to answr fully your ignorant question… What Celin believes or/and i believe are derived from findings, never superstition! We stated “usually” … “tend to” NOT that is…“everyone or “all couples” so don’t jump to conclusions. Thx.

    I’m able to notice an angle that is new cosmetic or plastic surgeons can exploit.

    C’mon couples, come for a process together which means that your relationship can last.

    Michael Mui and Jamie Chik are great exemplory case of comparable features that are facial.

    Felix and spouse facial features are maybe perhaps maybe not comparable. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    “C’mon couples, come for a process together which means that your relationship can endure.”

    Hey, please don’t provide those cash surgeons that are hungry more tips. We currently have luxy app means way too many lookalikes.

    Really? We realize that difficult to think and possess never been aware of that.

    Give consideration around you.

    Or, simply go through the above photos of Nic and Faye. They will have comparable eyes, face shape, lips n smile.

    Let’s hope we don’t need certainly to watch for 11 years like Faye and Nicolas 😛 i must say i do back hope Boscolie get together however!

    me personally too. hope they will again be together

    I happened to be thinking the exact same when We check this out article! It took 7 years for Sammi & Andy to together get back; now that one took 11 years. Yikes, we sure hope Boscolie will likely not just simply just take two decades. I’ll be too old become their fan then.

    individuals will dsicover other people with comparable features PRETTY – but that isn’t just exactly just what foo chai seung means – this means there was an atmosphere of partnership – to be on a single group between two different people with many different looks

    its in contrast to that weirdo lookalike sibling look that is vibe Naruhito and Masako

    AAAAhhh, good observation that is old. Thank Jesus for observation. Hope you won’t ever get ignorant to base relationship longivety on facial similarity and good old observation.

    Wow…….. Back with Faye..

    Hello Andrew, very long time no see, what exactly is up?. Interesting thread……. is not it?, LOL.

    Hey, yes long time no see.

    Intriguing and just a little unbelievable too….

    In method, I sorts of have a pity party for Cecilia….

    Was Nic Cecilia that is using as rebound all of this time?

    well, once they split up the first time right back in 2002, it had been stated the reason why ended up being because nic had been cheating on her with cecilia. cecilia had simply split up with daniel chan and nic ended up being apparently always around comforting her and badmouthing daniel to the press on the behalf. then nic went back once again to faye, and cecilia went a little crazy. it was most likely whenever she began edison that is seeing after which dated a foreigner, claiming to want to have blue eyed children with him. perhaps nic has always liked faye but she had less faith in him, seeing that he had been just 22 during the time and hadn’t sowed their crazy oats yet. just what a love triangle that is messy.

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